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January 5, 2010

Happy New Year to all mad-blog readers. After a couple days of blogging downtime, starts into it’s second year. Please stay tuned for some fantastic examples of Media Arts and Disruption.

And once again, if you happen to come across some things we should share, please let us know.

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Gatorade: “Replay”

December 5, 2009

Viktoria Binschtok: Visualizing given facts.

December 2, 2009

Let me introduce you to Viktoria Binschtok. I was first exposed to Victoria‘s work at the Berlin based gallery Klemm’s, within seconds me, like most observers understand that Viktoria follows big ideas in everything she does. One simple idea creates the guideline for all executions of a project. It feels like a big brand idea that comes to live in multiple executions, e.g. “three people on the phone” or the Luis Vuitton in manhattan project. The work is really iconic.

The russian born artist joined in 1995 a degree program in art Photography and media arts at the Academy of Visual Arts (HGB) Leipzig and graduated with a Master in Fine Arts in 2002. Please check out her latest project: ‚suspicious minds’.

The exhibition ‚suspicious minds’ puts its focus on men that lead in reality – apart from their function – a life in the periphery. Viktoria Binschtok deals with the amassed depictions of state receptions, public announcements and speeches. when one takes a close look on the press pictures of the mighty of this world, one can actually discover a remarkable parallelism: there is at least one man behind every politician that guards him or her. espe- cially in times of constant terror threat and enforced security control, this is a more and more common picture. These poker-faced, well-dressed men act inconspicuously in the back. It is striking how much they resemble each other in their attempt to disclose the putative mistake in the system. They are encircled by an aura of absence and at the same time most possible tension and concentration. Their facial expression seems totally indifferent and hence en- forces the focus on their stereotypical gestures and postures.

To learn more about Viktoria Binschtok click HERE to download her english portfolio.

Artists contact: Sebastian Klemm,

If you have any comments please email Ulrich Proeschel.

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ART BASEL MIAMI BEACH: Why is this show in a Convention and not a Disruption Center?

December 2, 2009

artbaselbusART BASEL MIAMI BEACH (ABMB) is one of the strongest brands in the art industry today. It is all about sun, beach, glamour, private jets and big bucks. It is the last big art show of a year and given the fact that it is only in year eight, the ART BASEL in MIAMI BEACH has all the right in the world to break conventions. Located in South Beach it sends out a message about the economic state of a globalized world far beyond the art industry. No art show in the world gets more media attention than the show in Southern Florida.

Allow me one comment about your actual venue: Putting yourself into a Convention Center is wrong. Make it a Disruption Center. You are not about displaying the sea of sameness. You are about the future. OK, with your messaging you already made the step forward*: FEEL GOOD. Thanks for that.

Stay tuned to for some coverage from Miami Beach celebrating big media artists, disruptive ideas and outstanding examples for brand brand behavior from the art business and beyond.

*as a hugh neon installation illumination the ABMBs oceanfront shouts it out to the world.

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Jean-Marie Dru speaks with France24: Creativity has never been more important than today

December 1, 2009

Bildschirmfoto 2009-11-30 um 23.32.05Recently Jean-Marie Dru spoke with the French international news channel, France 24 about our industry.

The communications industry is considered a bellwether for future business and consumer trends, and is also seen as a lead indicator of boom and bust cycles. Raphael Kahane talked the Chairman of TBWA Worldwide about the need for creativity, Disruption and Media Arts.

Click HERE for the full 12 minutes interview.

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6.100 subscribers to

November 22, 2009

We started with in February 2009 now, after a little more than nine month we are welcoming more than 6.100 subscribers to our RSS feed.

More than 50 percent of you return on a regular basis and the average time you spend browsing our content is almost 3 minutes per visit. Over 5.000 of you visited the blog more than 100 times. I think that is great. Thank you very much.

RSS_LOGO_2One more thing: Do you know who designed the RSS logo, a symbol that actually became an icon on the web and replaced the less appealing letters “RSS”? It is Steve Horlander, who once said about his logo: “Almost immediately it took on a life of its own. It had its own website, its own T-shirt, coffee mugs…” Obviously he managed to create something that entertained the audience.

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Disruption in a disrupted world

October 7, 2009

img.9427Jean-Marie Dru, the inventor of Disruption and Chairman TBWA\ Worldwide delivered today a speech at the TBWA Creative Academy at this years Golden Drum Festival in Portoroz (Slovenia). Here are some sound-bites for all of you who couldn’t attend:

“Disruption has been invented in the mid 80’s. So you could ask: is it still relevant in the current decade? And is it still effective in the middle of the digital revolution?”

“The answer is without any doubt YES, but I will make two observations:

In the last 15 years, the focus of the methodology has moved progressively from convention to vision. Adidas believes that impossible is not a fact, but an opinion. Visa encourages to go and do things, in spite of the tough environment we are in. Nissan explains that “everything they touch, they try to shift”. Pepsi revitalizes the Pepsi generation theme by reminding us that “every generation refreshes the world”. And Absolut makes us discover what would be a perfect world, the world of Absolut.”

“As a summary of this first point concerning Vision, I would say that in this turbulent world, the role of Disruption has pivoted. Today it is more about creating a rallying point for a company or brand, a focal point, and this despite the increasing tribulations of the market – or rather, because of them. We need to create a reference point that we can constantly look back to, whatever unexpected directions the market may have taken us in.”

“The second observation I would like to make about the status of Disruption today is coming from the fact that we are living in a totally new world. In the digital world, we don’t talk to targets anymore, not even to consumers, we talk to audiences. Audiences who are not captive anymore. Audiences who judge brands on everything they do, on all the initiatives they take. Today more than ever, “actions speak louder than words”.

So the way a brand engages the audience in this new media world is key for its success. Therefore Disruption which is about brand belief must be augmented with another discipline, a discipline about brand behaviour. We call it Media Arts.

It starts by repatriating part of the media thinking into the agency. We can no longer think of media as just a means for brands to talk at consumers, but rather as all the places, spaces and experiences where people live their lives. It is time for advertising agencies not to be media neutral anymore, but to be media passionate.

It’s also time to understand that each and every touch point between audiences and a brand must be creative. And this whatever these touch points are: the packaging, the retail presence, the content of the website, the PR programs, the CRM initiatives etc. And we called this Media Arts because we believe each point of contact must tell the brand’s story, gracefully, artfully.

The problem is no longer just to ensure the coherence between the different elements of a brand’s communication, which some continue to refer to as 360°. But rather, to feed a constant conversation with our audiences, 365 days a year. From 360° to 365…”

“Brands are judged in the way they act and in all the initiatives they take. That’s why Media Arts is so important.”

“In a nutshell, Disruption is about brand belief, whereas Media Arts is about brand behaviour.”

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For this years Golden Drum president Love is not a 4-letter word

October 5, 2009

LxxxThe economy in Europe is down by 4,1% since last year.

The number of businesses going bust in this region increased by 11%.

The entries submitted to Cannes were down by 19,9 % this year.

I hate to be positive, but this is quite a string of exceedingly good news, isn´t it?!

What these numbers tell us, when we read them again after the initial shock, is that creativity is needed more than ever.

I find that very good news, because creativity is what we do.

Solving problems in an unexpected, clever way is our job.

Adding value to brands through our talent for communication.

The second thing these numbers teach us is, that quirky, exchangeable, not-brand-driven scam ads, only produced to impress award shows, are becoming as irrelevant as they were to brands and clients all the time anyway.

We´ll soon meet to look for this years Drums.

And I hope we will be able to give them to some fine and excellent thinking.

I hope we will see more than just another set of ads. I hope we´d rather see brilliant expressions of strong and valid ideas. Made to engage with our audiences out there.

Written and art directed to infect human beings with passion, wit and with a promise for a real contribution to their lives.

Because that is what we are there for.

As bold as it may sound, we can help to save the world from this crisis.

Because we are creatives. And creatives know more about love than war. And it´s always love that ends the crisis, as much as hostility causes it.

Let love rule.

Stefan Schmidt will share his experience heading the Golden Drum  Film, Press, Outdoor and Radio Jury exclusively with the readers of Stefan is Chief Creative Officer of TBWA\Germany  in Berlin.

If you have any comments or suggestions please email Stefan Schmidt.