Facebook-Fans are Co-Creators of new blue Skittles

April 19, 2011

Following months of campaigning for the launch of the Blue Skittle, fans cries were not only answered, they were drafted in to make decisions on the taste of the new Blue Skittle. Skittles has shared pictures of the production line, the blueprint for the creation of the Blue Skittle and even enabled fans to track the route of the Blue Skittles truck despatched from the Skittles factory in the Czech Republic.

Everything was swell, until the truck driver responsible for the deliciously cherry-cola flavoured Skittles sweets abruptly decided he didn’t want to drive anymore. Skittles received a notification of the Trucker driver of the main shipment, he wasn’t moving – he was blue….nobody liked him…so then we asked the Skittles fans to step in.


Last week, Skittles Facebook fans were solely responsible for cheering up the Blue Trucker. His journey, and whether he arrived at his final destination depended entirely on the support of the Skittles fans. If they wanted their precious blue Skittles to arrive in the UK, they had to continue showing the Blue Trucker some serious TLC, offering words of encouragement and ‘liking’ him. The trucker posted videos on the Skittles wall every day, with his latest musings. The fans could also interact with him and send him messages via the app wall. The fans had to continue liking him to ensure the delivery of Skittles! And in the end, the fans corralled and loved the trucker enough to get their delivery.

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