July 10, 2009

This Smartphone application from ABSOLUT provides our audience with a valued tool where the brand lives — in nightlife. The application effectively serves as “your best friend in the bar” recommending drinks based on a set of contexts such as time of day, where you are, drink colour, shape of glass, etc. But it goes even further and uses information on the collective behaviour of those who use it to provide unique content like what drinks are being ordered around the world in “real time”.

Being able to share personal taste and preference reflects everday audience behaviour and allows everyone to be a drink tendforecaster. It also strengthens what ABSOLUT already has online absolutdrinks.com (the most visited online drinks site).

The project reflects ABSOLUT’s creative hertiage and commitment to innovation by being the first spirit brand to make an app using GPS and social media to offer real time results.

If you have any comments or suggestions please email Richard Breaux (richard.breaux@tbwa.de).

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