A lucky combination of art, media and technology

May 28, 2009

Is digital drawing the next big thing in arts? Could be. Is it a PR stunt? Could be. Or is it an expression of brand behavior? Yes, it is.

Jorge Colombo drew this week’s cover of THE NEW YORKER using an iPhone application. And guess what? He did it while queuing to get into Madam Tussaud’s Way Museum in Times Square.

Some people send text messages with their iPhone, others play games or simply talk to friends. Jorge Colombo created a cover artwork. nyt.com reported that Colombo bought his iPhone in February, and the $4.99 Brushes application soon after, and said the portability and accessibility of the medium appealed to him.

In our extremely well-connected world this lucky combination of an artist, The New Yorker and technology delivered through the iPhone, great things become even greater and the PR value for all involved brands is tremendous. Check out the film and read the story in the website of THE NEW YORKER.

And, do one experiment: Google “New Yorker” +iPhone. Amazing. 

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